Fern DNA Database and Silica Archive

Co-managed by Kathleen Pryer (Duke University), Eric Schuettpelz (Smithsonian), and the Rothfels lab, the Fern DNA Database stores the associated metadata for over 11,000 fern specimens (as of Feb. 2017). The majority of these specimens have silica-dried portions available for DNA-based research. See our info page for more information (including material request forms) or go directly to the database itself.

Botanical Biodiversity Resources

There is a wealth of online resources available for learning more about plant biodiversity–ferns and beyond!

Fieldwork and Collections Resources

This section has information on the Rothfels Protocol for making herbarium labels, as well as a summary of permitting information for collecting plants in California.


A list of Rothfels lab software.

Fern Genomic Resources

Ferns have genomes, and we’re starting to get information about them!

Fern Labs United

The fern research community has been blessed with new growth. A list of some new croziers and older fronds can be found here.


Organizations (SSB, SSE, ASN, BSA, AFS)