Maryam globetrotting!

Maryam has been in the Eastern Mediterranean collecting all the late summer plants in bloom! Check out some photos from her recent trip!

Entrance of a Cedar and Fir reserve


Pinus brutia overlooking an artificial lake


a very vibrant Centaurium tenuiflorum (also naturalized in California)


Ferns on limestone outcrop! Cheilanthes catanensis (left), Asplenium ceterach (right)


A coastal mountain summit overlooking agricultural land to the East. *Notice the plants hugging the ground*


A Cytisus bush (Fabaceae) surrounded by Pteridium but it looks like An found some Rubus in there too!


Collecting a special Levant variety of pear for more snacking!


A common view of the Maquis Shrubland floor. Limestone contrasted with rich brown soil



Entering a sea of Pteridium!


An edible Lupinus sp. Common were the canopy is open and in the supermarkets!


Last seasons Quercus calliprinos (Sec. Cerris) acorns create such a beautiful floor in mature Oak forests!


An old Pinus brutia that is a trademark of the local village


Field work is best capped off with chai and a small fire